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NFWT is established by a group of eminent community leaders in 20012, Nazat Foundation & Welfare Trust (NFWT) has become one of the leading non-governmental organizations dedicated to carrying out humanitarian and philanthropic programs to ?ght poverty and the suffering of people by working in different sectors irrespective of faith, caste, gender or political beliefs.
Nazat Foundation & Welfare Trust is powered with a vision to see India emerge as a welfare society with every individual having access to food, health, education and shelter while ensuring dignity, equality and justice. The trust’s targeted beneficiaries are the millions of Indians specially the socially and educationally underprivileged and marginalized communities who are living in a struggling situation.
NFWT has been working for more than five years for marginalized people in Malda district. Some remarkable works done by NFWT is now highlighted in front of your kind eyes. Such as safe drinking water to Tribal areas. People of that were facing problems for acute arsenic free drinking water. The President of NFWT Dr. OBAYEDUR RAHAMAN visited the said place and immediately took necessary steps to set up a sub-Marshal. Besides this the wonderful jobs done by NFWT during devastating flood in Malda district in 2017. NFWT had not only taken immediate assistance to the flood victims but also rehabilitated them to a safe place. TEAM OF NFWT has done several free medical camps for poor people. It also provides daily free homoeopathic medical check-up and deliver free medicine for needy ones.  It also distributes winter clothes in every winter season. It also sponsored zonal sports of school, private nursery teachers and orientation program. Every year dry food is distributed among unfed people. NFWT is giving free quality education to orphans and trying it's best to set up an English School for them as soon as possible. Orphan is our first priority to serve. Latest activity of NFWT is that team NAZAT has visited hospital and handed over fruits to patients in different hospitals.
We hope to do better for society. We aspire your kind attention to our philanthropic organisation and support us for the supportless people.


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